The Treatment of Epilepsy According to Applied Channel Theory

Autor: Wang Ju-Yi

Journal: Journal of Chinese Medicine, 123, 2020, 3-13, englisch

This article is an excerpt from a manual that was written by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi in 1976 for a three-month teaching course in Mi Yun County, which was at that time a rural district on the outskirts of Beijing. The participants included local Western medical doctors, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors and 'barefoot doctors' who were being trained in Chinese medicine. Dr. Wang discusses the treatment of epilepsy based on five years of experience specialising in the treatment of this disorder. At that time, Dr. Wang was 39 and had been practising for over 15 years. From a historical perspective, this was written at a time when Dr. Wang was developing the foundations of his Applied Channel Theory system (for more information see Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine by Wang Ju-Yi and Jason Robertson, Eastland Press).

Within the article, one can see some of his commonly used point pairs based upon his understanding of channel qi transformation. However, there is no direct mention of channel examination. Approximately eight years after this manual was written, he published his first article on channel examination to a wider audience (Wang Ju-Yi [1984]. A Discussion on the Unique Aspects of Symptom Pattern Differentiation in Clinical Acupuncture, Beijing Journal of TCM, 4, pages 24-46). Dr. Wang continuously refined his understanding of Applied Channel Theory up until his passing in August 2017. To help readers understand the point pairs and clinical cases, commentary has been added by the translator based on Dr. Wang's understanding of channel theory from the last few years of his life.

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